The Science: How Your Brain Changes Through Experiences

Try it for Yourself!

Imagine walking down a dark street late at night in downtown Detroit. You’re new in town and you’re lost. There’s an awful stench in the cold, damp air, and the only sound around you is the howling of the wind. Suddenly, you hear shuffling just behind you and a sinister laugh, and then…

Did your chest just tighten up? Did your breath become shallow? And now that I stopped the story, don’t you feel relieved?

Imagined experiences are like watching a movie. Nothing is “happening,” but your mind and body respond as if it is.

The Power of Experience

Just like negative experiences — real or imagined — can frighten your mind and body, POSITIVE experiences — real or imagined — can bring you to a state of serenity, positivity, and growth. Let’s say you experience anxiety. Each day you can carve out time to imagine yourself in a hammock on a tropical island. Maybe on the beach near the ocean.

Your mind and your body will change in response to this experience. Your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen rates, and even temperature and hormone balance will improve and leave you feeling relaxed.

All experiences – whether in reality or in imagination – strengthen neural pathways. The more you practice feeling relaxed, the more you will be relaxed even when not practicing.

You can replicate this for ANY CHALLENGE you need to overcome.

Consistently practicing the cognitive and emotional states which BUILD you and REINFORCE the best in you is the FOUNDATION of a vibrant, joyful life.