The BrainShape Process

We create customized audios to help you break through the challenges in your life.

Our process looks like this:

We send you a questionnaire to help IDENTIFY what’s holding you back and keeping you frustrated. We explore your routine, what's bothering you and what you are hoping to accomplish.

Interview with you to dive deeper and CLARIFY what visualizations or meditations you need to set neuroplasticity in motion so that you can break free.

We create a PERSONALIZED audio for you to EXPERIENCE the change you seek. YOU choose ambient or gentle nature sounds. YOU choose a male or female voice. YOU choose the length of your audio.

When you’re STUCK, it’s because existing neural pathways have formed over the years from negative experiences, bad relationships, and even poor environmental conditions.

Taking steps to heal those neural pathways and creating brand new ones is what BrainShape Audio is about.

Let’s say you suffer from impostor syndrome. Or from the debilitating feeling you’re “never enough.” As much as you’re down on yourself or doubting your ability to really shine...

…the fact that you are reading this now says something else about you. Something more.

Somewhere inside you is a desire for transformation. And also the belief - even if only a really tiny one - that you can have the life, love, and professional standing you deserve.

We at BrainShape Audio agree!

Can you find inside yourself a tiny voice that knows:

If the answer is yes, then you have everything you need to help us create a carefully crafted meditation using precise messages and exact imagery to suit your personal needs so that your transformation can come naturally and permanently.

Repetition has a transformative effect on the brain. Each time you listen to your customized meditation audio, you’ll be reinforcing the neural networks which are the best parts of you.

“If you are a growth oriented individual, get your own personalized audio today. It will help you gain self-awareness, reduce stress, and transcend any obstacle you face.”