Customized Meditations and Personalized Guided Imagery

When you’re STUCK, you need a tool that gives you the CLARITY to break through what’s holding you back.

How BrainShape Audio Can Help You

In order to BREAK FREE of what’s dragging you down in life, you need a way to CONSISTENTLY access the exact messages and imagery that will spur genuine growth and bring you happiness.

The Science: How Your Brain Changes Through Experiences

Neuroplasticity is the way experience shapes the brain.

But not only the brain. Every experience in life creates dynamic changes in the brain, body, and the entire nervous system. Some experiences deepen and reinforce the inborn structures of these parts, and some experiences, by virtue of their novelty, stimulate growth in the form of BRAND NEW NEURAL PATHWAYS.

Who are we?

We’re Leah and Reuven Subar, the creators and voices behind BrainShape Audio. We’re here to help you move closer to who you want to be. And we won’t stop until you are satisfied!


Leah is a psychotherapist in private practice who helps individuals live a life that is vibrant, creative, and full of ZEST. Her monthly newsletter reaches people in over 10 countries – and her popular posts and articles on Linkedin are enjoyed by thousands each month. When not working with her clients or recording audios in the studio, you can find her spending time with her husband and children or baking homemade Challah-bread in her kitchen in Israel.


Reuven is the warm and mellifluous male voice behind BrainShape. His rich background producing musical and educational audio programs as well as hosting one of Israel's only English-speaking radio show are major assets to BrainShape. Reuven's a great cook, pretty good guitar player, and has a deep passion for making people happy.

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